• -14kg

    Few months after ankle surgery, this young man made a decision to improve his health and quality of life, with the right guidance, good discipline and accountability, results didn't make him wait for long.

    ❕On the left you can see that one of his shoulders is lower than the other, which in long term can lead to multiple problems, like low back pain, hip, knee, ankle pain/injuries.

    ✅ Big improvement there.

    ❕ Although his physio did a good job on restoring ankle mobility, strength and stability were missing, re-injury chances were still high.

    ✅ With lots of unilateral work and high emphasis on general leg strength development, i'm more than sure that the risk was drastically reduced.

    ✅ And his main goal of changing body composition wasn't left behind, but the path didn't end there, im sure that all the progress made fueled his motivation to continue. Way to go, young man!

    ❗ I'm looking for more people that are ready to invest energy in the most important aspect of their lifes - health. Send me a message to sign up!